Stainless Steel, the new green material.

Ecostake has chosen to use stainless steel over other non- & partially recyclable materials, so to provide a greener alternative that offers an improved carbon footprint to companies & individuals who actively wish to create a greener outlook and benefit from improved ROI. For those seeking a lower input cost with reduce corrosive resistance, a galvanized steel offering is also available.

Stainless steel is totally recyclable, with all current stock produced from 60% recycled material and with improvements to the manufacture technology, stainless steel is now rated as a low/no emission material. Whilst a decrease in the amount of energy needed to process the material efficiently we help to diminish the total carbon foot-print and contribute to the preservation of our precious planet.

Added to the greener outlook, is the cost effectiveness of using a material that offers greater long-term durability to the user with proven corrosion resistance in coastal or corrosive environments. Its clinical properties also makes stainless steel suitable for applications in the farming of food stuffs and is equally appropriate for sensitive biospheres where non-evasive material are required. With great aesthetic consistency that require no additional protection, stainless steel is the ultimate sustainable resource.

Ecostake is pleased to be acknowledged in 2014 by SASSDA in their 50th Anniversary and presented with the SASSDA Innovation Award.

make sure it's stainless


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