Palisade fence barriers & wallspikes

Entry prevention or security barrier protection are becoming an increase reality and Ecostake offers several options.

Palisade fence barriers

Fabricated from stainless steel the standard span width of 3m with upright pales every 175mm and maybe tailored to a user height requirements. Available as a traditional stand-alone structure or incorporated into pillar wall arrangements.

Electrified palisade fence barriers

Unique to the palisade range is the offering of a full or partial electrified system where a 10 000 volts is permanently carried in the isolated top band and upon a disturbance the telemetry will discharge the current into the body.


Suitable for most walls and vibracrete installation the stainless steel wallspike provides a low maintenance and cost effective solution to deterring unwanted breach over wall tops.

The wallspike are available in either natural 3CR12 stainless steel & powder coated according to the walls colour scheme.

palasade fencing


  1. Design, guaranteed for life – Manufactured for stainless steel or galvanized steel
  2. Universal in application
  3. Dependable & consistent in service
  4. Environmentally friendly & reduces carbon foot-print
  5. Quick & easy to install
  6. Lightweight to transport
  7. Lifecycle cost saving & reusable or recyclable
  8. Resistant to fire or corrosion
  9. Low in maintenance
  10. Suitable for organic farming or mechanical harvesting


Ecostake – The Rolls Royce of agricultural trellising, fencing or palisade systems is design, guaranteed for life