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The Vinestake and Electrostake system explained

The Ecostake system comprises of two profile sizes, the Vinestake is manufactured for agricultural trellising and the Electrostake for fencing use , cut to length and tailored according to the users individual application.

Primarily the names Vinestake refers to agricultural trellising needs and the Electrostake in for fencing applications by either using the larger profile size of 55x35mm for heavier loads whilst the mini- refers to the smaller sized profile 35x22mm for lighter requirements.

A soon to be released Anchorstake profile is 56x55mm and is for use for row-end and structural applications.

The Ecostake system requires that all structural fixtures are made from (stainless) steel yet the interchangeable parts are mainly produced from plastic so to provide electrical insulation and absorb the wear & tear.

Throughout the lifespan of the system, these inexpensive plastic components are designed to be sacrificial and may need replacing. This ensures that key structural fixtures avoid failures, by helping to insulate electrical charges, chaffing of wire and safe guard against corrosion.

Whilst in more permanent applications a ceramic component maybe replace the use of plastic accessories where suitably higher electrical charges or the threat of fires are anticipated.




  1. Design, guaranteed for life – Manufactured for stainless steel or galvanized steel
  2. Universal in application
  3. Dependable & consistent in service
  4. Environmentally friendly & reduces carbon foot-print
  5. Quick & easy to install
  6. Lightweight to transport
  7. Lifecycle cost saving & reusable or recyclable
  8. Resistant to fire or corrosion
  9. Low in maintenance
  10. Suitable for organic farming or mechanical harvesting


Ecostake – The Rolls Royce of agricultural trellising, fencing or palisade systems is design, guaranteed for life