Ecostake is commitment to sustainable economic practice with a strong environmental stance to provide the Rolls Royce of agricultural trellising, fencing or palisade systems that is guaranteed for life.

By early 2000 environmental & early consumer awareness revealed the growing concern of global demand upon our natural resources and the need to cope with the burdening increase on limited reserves. The burden demand upon our living environment coupled with the anxiety of climate change linked to global warming highlighted the long term environmental consequence this would have if we continue to consume without conscience.

In response to this forecast Jamii Hamlin the founder of Ecostake – a qualified product designer, an inventor & entrepreneur- set out to provide a sustainable and environmental substitute for all trellising and fencing applications.

This process lead to a holistic rethink of material choice that would outlive and outperform traditional methods together with manufacturing processes that are equally environmentally suitable to produce a highly durable & recyclable solution as an economically viable alternative to current consumerable offerings.

The choice of stainless steel as the basic substrate is highly resistant to corrosion and offers an anticipated lifespan well beyond 25-years. This exceptionally durable material is suitable for a ‘universal in application’ system that is designed to withstand the test of time by using sacrificial components that provide inexpensive and interchangeable options that tailor according to the users needs.

Funded with seed capital from HBD of Shuttleworth Business Holdings, Ecostake was established in October 2004 with a goal to offer a re-useable and commercially viable alternative range of agricultural and security fencing products to offer better return on investment whilst halting the drain on the earth natural resources and also reversing the trend of planned obsolesces.

Strategic material supplier Eurosteel have been pivotal in providing globally competitive raw materials and capacity for international trade. The Enablis Entrepreneurial Network along with Khula SME Acceleration Fund have provided the bases of venture capital to commercialize and expand our endevours with support from the DTI under the Support Program for Industrial Innovation (SPII) rebate grant.

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Ecostake – The Rolls Royce of agricultural trellising, fencing or palisade systems is design, guaranteed for life