Ecostake Wire Management Systems is a South African Company that has developed a universal solution for agricultural trellising, electrical & game fencing applications along with electrified and spiked palisading fence barriers.

Similar to that of a ‘Meccano & Lego like combination’ the Vinestake & Electrostake system provides long term cost effectiveness being easy to install and assemble, offering exception durability that is low in maintenance upkeep as an environmentally sustainable solution being reusable or recycable.

This universal system is suitable for all agricultural trellising of grapes, olives or soft fruit trees and any other fruit or vegetable that requires staking support. Whilst equally suitable for providing exceptional versatility for addition applications such as either electrical or perimeter fencing needs that includes paddock or game enclosures .

Included in the stainless steel product family are palisade fence barriers and wallspikes. The palisade fence barrier is offered in either traditional spiked 16 top pales or with an electrical charge of 10 000 volts carried above head height in a insulated band of pales. Upon a disturbance the charge is dropped down into the entire body and certain to subdue any intruder.

The Ecostake range ensures long term durability with great lifecycle cost saving which is also environmentally sound, by way of (stainless) steels clinical properties our products are suitable for sensitive biospheres, bio-dynamic or organic farming practice and are equally well suited in coastal & corrosive conditions.

This patented system is wholly designed and manufactured within South Africa and has been accredited with the SABS – Design Institute of South Africa- Design Excellence Award in 2007.

The Ecostake Mission Statement:

Ecostake has set out to produce the best agricultural trellising, fencing and perimeter barrier system possible. By adopting the needs of the market we strive to provide innovative solutions in delivering a quality product and provide long-term reliability that is design, guaranteed for life.


Ecostake – The Rolls Royce of agricultural trellising, fencing or palisade systems is design, guaranteed for life